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UK Countercyclical Buffer Rate Increased from 2017

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in law firm | 0 comments

The FPC has chosen to enhance the UK countercyclical buffer rate from 0% of risk-weighted assets to 0.5% with impact from March 29, 2017. The Prudential Regulation Authority has actually released a Statement clarifying its approach to changes to firm’s buffers as the CCyB, systemic and preservation buffers are executed up to 2019.

The changes intend to make sure that the shift to the brand-new capital framework avoids double counting in capital buffers covering the same threat and provide companies time to transition to the requisite capital buffers by the end of 2019.The FPC will likewise assess the application and design of internationally-agreed post-crisis regulations to identify whether liquidity might be enhanced. The result of that evaluation is expected later on in 2016.

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